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Parking Lot

A 7 song EP released with half American Zurich producer Aemka. The songs were written in 2 weeks but refined over half a year and released a year later. A lot of Whale's emotions adapted to Aemka's melodic beats and so both artists influenced each other. The EP was released when Ben Whale was in the US for his master's degree and created a cool crowdfunding project in which more fans than expected supported the project.

In The Books

Ben Whale releases his 5 song EP "In The Books" from Boston out of the coldest winter. ITB is used in Anglo-Saxon when something has been finalized, that is; completed. Ben Whale opens his book for a small window of time and offers a glimpse into his world. Matthias Urecht (owner Groovefactory) had this to say about the release: "It's a snapshot, a snapshot of his musical output. The five songs contained on the EP flow in spherical melodic R'n'B beats and are, as one is used to from Ben Whale, lyrically well-versed. However, the sound aesthetic is in no way lost by his pengame, on the contrary, lyrics and beat melt into a gripping atmosphere - Ben Whale has found the perfect complement to his neo-soul and dialect RnB with the young producer Yxngcoco."


Ben Whale's EP, released in 2018, was described by Swiss Radio (SRF) as follows: "Ben Whale succeeds nearly completely in appearing linguistically sovereign, although his lyrics on "Sonar" revolve around the R'n'B-typical topics of love, sex, anger & cheating. His style remains somewhere between "rapper who sings his own choruses", classic balzzy R'n'B singer and autotune virtuoso. The productions sound how one expects contemporary R'n'B to sound: sticky slow BPMs, warm chords bouncing off cool basses and a fluid switch from (rap) verses to vocal hooks."

Pussy $ounds

The first EP that was composed in 2015 with the beat producer CM and was released as Pussy $ounds 2016. A 4 song EP of which 3 songs made it to Swiss radio and TV. Pablo Vögtli SRF editor wrote about the debut EP: "Ben Whales debut EP "Pussy $ounds" : Future R'n'B, beats that sound equally rapable and singable. Rather gloomy in mood, but absolutely danceable and partyable. The trap elbows shoot up, even if there is (almost) no rapping: luckily the original MC can't quite leave it."