Ben Whale is considered a pioneer of dialect R&B and produces his songs as an accepted player in the Swiss music scene.

Ben Whale was born on August 21, 1993 in Bern, as the son of a Swiss father and a Turkish mother. Since 2016, Whale has been active in the Swiss hip-hop scene as a singer, rapper and producer. 


Ben Whale Bridge


In his life, music accompanies him from early on. Or rather, from early on, music has been a companion in his life. He mentioned in an interview with Swiss Radio that he was introduced to early musical education at the age of 3. Likewise, Whale explained that through his piano lessons at the conservatory in Bern, he first learned to play the piano before he could even read.


Lone wolf, solo on the road and yet networked in the scene with some players. In the game since 2016 - whereby he has attracted interest with his EP "Pussy Sounds". His music was awarded with the "Best Breaking Act" Award and played on various radio stations. Whale Released "Sonar" in the fall of 2018, bringing American Trap Soul a little closer to the Swiss listener.


 After a 4 year absence, a more mature, acoustic and thoughtful Ben Whale is back. Now Whale sets out to reinvent himself: His new EP (coming out in late fall) makes a big swing towards acoustic music. His live band formed during the years of absence fits Whale just as well as his new analog sounds.